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Grow your community

If you don’t have traffic then you don’t have a business. This is nothing new. However, if you want to develop a brand that’s worth millions to a bigger brand than you, then you have to gain market share.

Previously, it was easy to gain market share by solely link building. Now you have to be an online brand in a niche to compete. Our services below help you build a community, grow your traffic and increase your sales.

Paid Advertising

The paid (and quick) promotion of your brand

Paid advertising for ecommerce brands is wider than just Google Adwords. It can be used for serious demographic targeting across social media channels, promotion of key content or retargeting to traffic that left without purchasing. Here’s some examples of how we can help:

  1. Paid Advertising Strategy and Consultancy
  2. Paid Search (across Google, Bing and Yahoo)
  3. Google Shopping/PLA’s
  4. Retargeting
  5. Display Advertising
  6. Social Media Advertising
  7. Content promotion

Peggy Porchen

SEO & Content Marketing

Game changing SEO campaigns.

We develop market leading SEO + content campaigns that combine online PR and social media to achieve key links and traffic from your target audience (even competitors in some cases). Our What Bale Earns campaign delivered over 1million visitors and 1000+ back links. Our SEO + Content services include:

  1. SEO + Content Strategies
  2. Technical SEO (especially Magento)
  3. Content Assets & Online PR
  4. Link Earning
  5. Outreach
  6. Blog Management
  7. SEO consultancy for in-house teams

Social Following Growth

Increase your fans = increase loyalty

We all know how much social media marketing has boomed but few understand how to use it commercially. Would it shock you to know that larger companies purchase brands with a large, engaged social presence? Pretty logical isn’t it? Working with us for your social media campaigns, we’ll focus on the end goal and drive traffic into your buyer funnel.

  1. Social Strategy and page design
  2. Community Management
  3. Post management
  4. Social Advertising
  5. Follower growth
  6. Social Media competitions


Email Marketing + Data Strategy

Keeping in touch, keeps you in mind.

Working with our clients, we find that their most valuable asset is their email database. If it’s engaged and customers order regularly from campaigns then it adds value to their worth. Notice the underlined engaged, a database of 50 that has click-through rate of 50% is better than a database of 1000 with a 1%. As with most things in life, it’s a quality over quantity game. Here’s how we can help:

  1. Email & database growth strategy
  2. Site & blog integration
  3. Email template design
  4. Automatic email triggers (e.g. Abandoned cart)
  5. Fully managed email marketing

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