SEO & Content Marketing


Discovery & Strategy

Planning is fundamental to any SEO + Content campaign. It’s vital to understand who we are aiming at and what the goals are. Since the Panda and Penguin updates, SEO has changed forever. You have to be a proper business with a proper story to tell. We help you discover your niche and talk to your target audience so they share, link to and engage in your content.

Technical SEO

Fix the leaks before turning on the tap.

Technical SEO is the process of aligning your site structure to the search engine algorithms, allowing them to index (all of) your content/ pages. In ecommerce, this magnifies as you have all your category pages, product list pages and product detail pages.

Our Technical SEO team do not build massive Robots.txt, we clean up the index algorithmically using expert knowledge gained over years of actual implementation (not theory!). We’re particularly strong with the Magento platform. Here’s some of the areas we address:

  1. Site architecture
  2. Site topic – what’s your niche?
  3. Crawl issues & Meta robots file
  4. Duplicate content
  5. Meta data review
  6. Webmaster Tools audit
  7. Link profile review & link removal

Peggy Porchen

Content Assets

Earn your links through useful content.

If you’re after an SEO agency that will trick the search engine for short-term results, we’re not the company for you. However, if you have a brand you’re looking to build that will be here for a long-time, Welcome to Webtise!

We made a conscious decision in early 2011 to only earn links via content that people liked or by placing content on other sites where your target audience would be – links that pass traffic! Since then, we’ve had unbelievable successes, here’s some content ideas we can do:

  1. Link bait & Domain Assets
  2. Competitions
  3. Industry Guides
  4. Infographics with a twist
  5. Proper blog posts
  6. Online PR campaigns


It’s the same old adage, there’s no point having the best content in the world if nobody sees it. After we’ve created your content, we invest outreach days using our ‘little black book’ of contacts to arrange placements to top publications and sites in your niche.

The Huffington Post
The Guardian
The Telegraph

Blog Management

Your online magazine for your community.

A blog should not be spammy with useless content designed for the search engines. Think of a blog like a mini magazine that has features, write ups, interviews and funny editorial that speaks to your target customer. Here’s how we can help you with your blog:

  1. Blog design – Very important!
  2. Social media integration
  3. Blog management strategy
  4. Outreach of blog content to attract readership

SEO Consultancy

Sometimes, the brands we work with have in-house SEO teams. This isn’t a problem at all! We have our finger on the pulse monitoring every update to the search engine algorithms and explain this to them in our meetings/ calls. If you need help with consultancy for your in-house team or agency, please do get in touch.

SEO Consultancy

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Our knowledge and expertise help us create a bespoke solution for your business.

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