When it comes to marketing your Twitter profile using the correct hashtags can be an important factor to the popularity of a tweet. By using hashtags that are heavily used and highly related to the topic in question you can put your content in front of people that you may struggled to find otherwise, for this we adopted the name “Hashtag Marketing”. Below I have listed some of the tools that I like to use when it comes to researching hashtags and some helpful tips on how you can make the most out of these too.


Find related hashtags, prolific users and view recent trends

This site has not long had a makeover but it is still the great service that it always has been. When using Hashtags.org you can search to see who and what is being said about certain hashtags in real time. It also offers users the ability to find related hashtags using their search function as well as who are the most prolific users for that search. Although to see a lot of the stats you will need a premium account it’s definitely worth viewing if your marketing relies heavily on the promotion of your brand through twitter. A nice addition to the site is also the ability to upload and read other peoples articles on their uses of different hashtags and what works best for them depending on the requirements set.


Explore related hashtags and find top influencers

Much like Hashtags.org, Hashtagify is a great tool for finding related hashtags on a search. Although the tool doesn’t give as much information as the aforementioned it’s definitely worth checking out to extend your reach.


Discover what is trending by location

Have you ever wanted to target a specific area before and never knew the best way to find what hashtags are used most? Then Trendsmap is definitely the research tool for you. With a great selection of cities through the UK, Europe and the US you’re never to far away about discovering what certain parts of the world are talking about. They also offer an indication to what trends are up and coming and Globally trending users.


Discover what a hashtag means and find related users

If you’ve ever wondered what a hashtag means then this is a great place to start. Tagdef offers definitions for a large amount of hashtags used on twitter and gives some user generated related tags that can be used in correlation. Tagdef also has a list of the top 10 users for hashtags submitted to the site.


Advanced search engine for your hashtags

Twubs is a search engine for all things related to the hashtag. When doing a search on the site you are presented with a live feed of people using the hashtag, a definition and a list of users that have joined the “Twub” or group for the hashtag.

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