We’re on the ball; on the foot-ball – because as soon as we heard legendary football manager of Manchester United Alex Ferguson was retiring, we knew the time was right to make an infographic of his life and his achievements. We like to be ahead of the game here at Webtise, and respond to the latest news and trends as quickly as we can, because when we do, it helps our clients, and infographics share.


There’s a small window of opportunity when it comes to releasing an infographic on current events, and in the case of Alex Ferguson that moment is now. Fans, football fanatics and even people who don’t like football are stopping in their tracks to admire a man who has stood the test of time and led his team to victory after victory.

Ferguson is 71 now; most of us would be retired and walking around in slippers by that age, but he has soldiered on with no loss of momentum for a momentous 26 years. What other football manager can say they have achieved as much as him? As you can see from the infographic we have created (in a record turnover time might we add) in the length of time Ferguson has served, we have seen 25 managers go by for Real Madrid. Sir Alex also has a win percentage of 75% at Man United for the Premier League  an accolade not many clubs can compare to.

We admit, we made this infographic to show off a little, because we wanted to show how quickly we can produce an infographic, but we also made it because as a North-West company, many people working at Webtise are avid Man United fans, and we will be sad to see Ferguson go!

Whether you’re a Man United, Liverpool or Everton fan, don’t worry, we’re still more than willing to work with you. We’ll put our differences aside, and help you produce a fantastic infographic for your company as part of a content marketing strategy. Get in touch and maybe we could be the digital marketing equivalent to Ferguson…

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