Surf’s up at Webtise in our eMarketing division! The ‘dudes’ at Luna Surf have given us the go-ahead to start maximising their exposure with our eCommerce SEO package.

It’s a gnarly project for us as we get to raise awareness of their own brand of Surf Clothing and the great brands they stock.

When it comes to eCommerce SEO we know what we’re doing and definitely aren’t the equivalent of a bunch of kooks. We’re mixing up a long on-site SEO process to bring the target URL’s up to speed, with deep sea link building commencing over a few months to rank the most relevant page to the search term. The results will be bitchin’ :)

Using Google Analytics’ eCommerce revenue tracking we can show how successful the campaigns are with actual revenue figures. This shows we’re commercially focused and not just a bunch of men in grey suits.

In case you’re wondering where I got all this surfer slang, I cheated and got it from here – thanks!

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